30 minute infomercial

Tae-Bo Evolution is a half hour infomercial hosted by the guru of workouts Billy Blanks, The Evolution works out every muscle group, it is portable and gives you a heart pounding workout anywhere, anytime!

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Dura Lube

Multiple half hour shows

The Dura Lube products infomercials ran for many years and generated over 100 Million dollars a year in sales!

Orek Vacuums

30 minute infomercial

Oreck Gold and Oreck Graphite were two studio shows we produced for the Oreck corporation. Shore Brand Media was responsible for creating the look and the messaging, and then implementing the entire production.

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Impact Improver

2 min short form

We produced this golf training device spot for the impact improves a training device that you can use indoors and improve your golf swing. Find out how we can turn your product into a household word and generate huge sales in the process!

International infomercials

7.5 and 30 minute shows

We have produced multiple 7.5 Minute shows for the international market. We have teamed up with one of the best marketeers of international infomercials, who will put the show we create for you in the hands of buyers from all the major overseas markets. Your job then is as easy as sending them containers full of your products!

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Reality Shows

Reality show pilots and pitch reels

High Wire Warriors and Sunset Spin are two shows produced for clients who wanted pitch reels for there reality concepts

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Fundraiser Videos

Multiple Fundraising videos for Catholic Charities

Our production team created the fundraising videos for the arch bishops annual appeal for five years in a row

Lead generating shows

If you are looking to create an infomercial program to generate leads for a legal, financial, or health campaign, we can create a show that will generate results, Call us to see how.

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